Windle, Staff Helping to Strengthen Knights  originally published in the Daily Targum, 2/3/04

“Brijesh Patel and Shawn Windle are always working to improve their knowledge in the field.  It’s nice that while they are adding to their knowledge, they are also adding to ours.”

-Michael Boyle
Director of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

“Shawn and Brijesh are always on the cutting edge of sport performance and athlete enhancement.  The two have put together an array of educational material that will enhance the library of any strength and conditioning professional.  The “101 Best Agility Ladder Drills,” CD -Rom was both education and easily to follow because of the demonstration and explanation of each exercise.  I regularly visit the website to see the latest production SB Coaches College has developed.”   

-Joe Sharpe
Head Athletic Trainer
Oklahoma City Thunder

“If you are looking for information that will assist you in maximizing athletic performance, then is the place to go!”  “This site is an excellent resource not only for the athlete and sport coach, but the strength and conditioning coach as well. Shawn and Brijesh provide complete and scientifically based educational material that can be used to develop all areas of sport fitness.”

-Rob Basile
Director of Strength & Conditioning
St. John’s University

I’m always amazed at the dedication that Shawn, Brijesh, and the Robb bring to their clients.  These guys are not only in the trenches working with real athletes, but they spend their “free time” researching the latest training protocols to take their knowledge (and their athletes’ performance) to the next level.  It’s great having a resource like these guys to bounce ideas off of, as they are always on the cutting-edge of what people are doing to get optimal results.  Needless to say, I’d have no reservations whatsoever sending a prospective client or athlete their way!

-Mike Robertson, M.S., C.S.C.S., U.S.A.W.

The team at SB Coaches College really do deliver with their website. I’m a regular, it’s refreshing to find a site that delivers great information on performance enhancement, the latest updates on products, an extensive library of articles and above all else great take home coaching tips.

-Nick Grantham
Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach –
English Institute of Sport (West Midlands)


“We were able to implement many of the ideas and have seen great results.  The “turning on the muscle” thought process is one thing we really jumped on.”

-Don Decker
Master Strength and Conditioning Coach
University of Arkansas

Hi Mr. Rogers,

I purchased your hip mobility series at a recent FMS Certification course and wanted to say how fantastic it was! Thank you. I am a good friend of Lee and Gray. I help them with the FMS Labs and also use the SFMA Program in my office. I work with athletes on a daily basis and find hip mobility issues a BIG problem that is neglected in the medical community. Your series has helped me tremendously. I teach a Dynamic Stretching Class at my gym/office and use a lot of your techniques and clients love them. I am getting your NAT Series next. I just wanted you to know how your work has helped changed the lives of my patients. Thank you so much and keep up the great work.


Dr. Perry Nickelston

“I wanted to let you know that your coaching and help have had a large impact in her improvement in softball, and her time in running from second base to home has been reduced by over one second. Thanks and we both look forward to seeing you and the other coaches next summer.”

-Eric Elwell (regarding his daughter, Jodi, who had participated in Robb’s Speed Camp)
Murfeesboro, TN

Hey, this is David, checkin in from Russia. I ended up signing a contract  with a team in first division Russia. Things are a little different out  here, but its not too too bad. We haven’t started the season yet, but we  have played a couple of scrimmage games and I have been playing well. I can definitely tell the difference in this year and last year. I keep waiting to get tired, but it never really comes. Outside of basketball everything  else is going okay as well. I was a little home sick at first, but its been 3 weeks now so I am falling into my groove. I hope all is going well for  you back there, tell your family and everyone at St Vincents I said hello.

-David (trained with Robb at St. Vincent’s)

“Here’s an update on our football team.  The school had only won four games in the previous four years.  However, this past season, we went 8-2 in the regular season and made it all the way to the semifinals.  This is the deepest in the play-offs the school has ever gone.  Your CD-ROM’s, Just Workouts for Football Manual and personal attention were very helpful. 
Thanks Again.”

-Rob Martino
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Cypress High School – Cypress Ca.

Thanks so much for getting this together and out to us.  I really enjoyed your class…and was sore for 3 days!  It gave me some great ideas for myself and my clients.

Lynn (participant in Robb’s NAT seminar)

Thank you very much for all your information and referral sources.  We are a great profession, with extremely knowledgeable and generous individuals as leaders in the fitness industry.
I enjoyed your presentation and have incorporated much of what I learned into my programs with patients and clients….and into my own workouts.


Baseball Strength Training Camp feedback:
“Craig had a great experience at the camp and learned a lot.  He said that was the quickest 4 hours that he can remember.” – Charlie Wolgast

“Excellent job.  The camp was very interactive (much better than sitting and listening for too long).  Commentary was key — focus on several factors as important, i.e. exercise along with rest, quickness vs. long run endurance, nutrition importance, etc.  Thanks for the invite – well worth it!  Coach B did a great job with instruction.” – Doug Dulin

“Steven had a great experience at yesterday’s camp and walked away with so
much knowledge.  Can’t thank you enough!  Many thanks.” – Kathy Nordmann

“The strength camp was one of the best camps I have ever been to regarding workout routines and healthy eating habits.  Since the camp I have already started changing my eating habits.  The workout left me sore and tired, but I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve  themselves.”  
– Ty Buccetti

“My son Cameron thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Coach B and yourself.  The information was quite timely in his athletic development.  The program has already made a serious impact on him.  We look forward to other programs.”  – Mark Laney