Training Packages

Phone Consulting
Excellent for sport coaches that design strength & conditioning for their athletes or for individuals seeking a tune-up on their own current workout.  Phone consultations can be purchased in twenty-minute packages.
One twenty-minute consultation starts $15.

E-mail Consulting
Don’t have time to spend on the phone? Would you rather have something in writing rather than trying to take notes?  If so, use SBCC’s e-mail consulting. This service is the same as phone consulting, but you can e-mail at your leisure and print the transcript.
$15 for a 500 word response.

Team Training
Whether you are looking for a one time coaching session with your athletes to
teach speed training or for a year long training program, SBCC can work with you
to meet your needs. Suitable for teams at any level!
 Prices vary based on your needs.  Contact us for pricing.

Staff Training
Would you like your Personal Training Staff to learn how to teach Olympic
Lifts to athletes? Or perhaps your high school coaching staff would like to learn
about writing strength & conditioning programs.
 Prices vary based on your needs.  Contact us for pricing.

Program design
Let SBCC write your next training program. Developing, designing, and
implementing programs is what we do on a daily basis. Take advantage of our
experience and let us free up more of your time. Programs can be written for in-
season, post-season, off-season, and pre-season. Purchase just an in-season
program or purchase an entire year’s worth of training. Each program comes with
45 minutes a month of phone consultation and 5 e-mails a month for the duration
of the program purchased.
 Prices vary based on your needs.  Contact us for pricing.