Exercises for the Landmine DVD

The Landmine is one of the greatest pieces of exercise equipment made today because of its versatility and price.  The Landmine is a must have for everybody interested in strength training and this DVD will show you why.  This DVD will show you numerous strength exercises for the upper and lower body as well as the core.  Learn how to maximize the use of your Landmine and create multi-planar strength and stability.  Learn what the pros swear by to transform their workouts.


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YouTube sbcoachescollege







“In Exercises for the Landmine, Shawn Windle coaches you through dozens of unique exercises to train every major physical quality. Traditionally viewed as simply a core training tool, Shawn demonstrates how diverse the landmine really is, showing you exactly HOW and WHY to perform a wide variety of exercises. This is a great resource for strength coaches, personal trainers, and weekend warriors.

Kevin Neeld

Director of Athletic Development, Endeavor Sports Performance



I was very fortunate to get a copy of Exercises for the Landmine DVD by my friends Shawn Windle and Brijesh Patel.  Shawn is the Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Indiana Pacers while Brijesh is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Quinnipiac University.  They are both outstanding Strength and Conditioning Coaches who also collaborated and developed SBCoachesCollege.com.  This is a great site with lots of content including articles, videos, presentations, and products for sale.  What I really like and respect about these guys is that they are real-world Strength and Conditioning Coaches who are training athletes on a daily basis.  When they release a product, I know that there is plenty of knowledge and hands-on implementation with their athletes behind it.

Exercises for the Landmine is an excellent resource for those who want to learn about the Landmine device and implement it in their training.  Honestly, I have only used the landmine as a standing, anti-rotational exercise.  I have actually never thought about how many exercises are readily available with this device.  What I really like about the DVD is that there is a logical progression from kneeling to standing.  What is interesting is that there are several variations of other more common exercises that can be used with the Landmine.  I highly recommend this DVD.

Sean Skahan

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