I forgot to mention this in yesterday’s post but when you order Functional Strength Coach 5 by midnight tonight, April 25, you’ll get exclusive access to a Live, Online Q&A session Mike Boyle will be holding for other purchasers.
Mike has been an invaluable resource for myself throughout my career and know how much experience and wisdom he has to share. This is an awesome opportunity as no subject is off limits.
Mike will answer any question you have, whether you want to talk about training clients & athletes or running your business, take advantage of this opportunity to ask whatever’s on your mind. Plus you’ll get to listen in to the questions your colleagues (and competitors) are asking.

Change is healthy, Change is good, and most importantly Change is necessary for improvement. We have all changed throughout our lives and journeys to where we are now. Some may be from necessity, some because we were forced to but regardless change is ultimately needed to improve our current state.

I’ve had the pleasure to intern for Mike Boyle and now call him not only a mentor but also a friend. I’ve known Mike since 2001 and can not even count on my hand how many times he has changed what he thought was right….he doesn’t change to piss people off, but to help his athletes IMPROVE! This is one quality that I’ve adapted over the years. If there is a better way, we will most definitely implement it.

I was fortunate enough to be an attendee at Mike’s first Functional Strength Coach back in 2005 and have seen his progression through his DVD series. Mike has just released Functional Strength 5 which gives an outstanding overview of how his current training system. If you are looking to improve what you do and give your athletes, you would be foolish not to check out this product. You will pick up things that you can implement right away, but more than anything, Mike will challenge you to think and truly understand his reasoning to change what he does.



Check out this video clip to see a snippet

and check out Functional Strength Coach 5

You will not be disappointed.


Do you coach the movement or the person?
Or do you coach both?

As I read the internet and what other coaches are writing about and blogging about, it seems as there is a great amount of information about how to coach and teach movement but very little on coaching and teaching human beings (which ultimately all of our athletes actually are).  Do you coach body language, do you coach how your athletes are presenting themselves when they train and when they perform? These are incredible lessons that go way beyond the weight room and playing field.  Body language is a visual representation of how a person feels. We can convey positive energy or we can convey negative energy in the way we carry ourselves. We can show our anger or our joy, we can show pain and discomfort or we can show that we are unfazed no matter the circumstances.

As coaches, I believe we have a responsibility to teach those that we work with about how we can change our body language to something that’s positive and promotes energy and confidence rather than fatigue and defeat.

So I ask again, what are you coaching?