In my last post, I told you about Mike Robertson and Joe Kenn’s Elite Athletic Development Seminar Series DVD Set. I’ve been diving into it and it’s been AWESOME! These 2 did a great job organizing their philosophies and sharing what they do with their athletes to help get results.  I wanted to share some great articles that Mike has put out to really give you some insight into what you will get from these DVD’s.

5 Factors for Success

Interview with Joe Kenn

57 Random Thoughts on Athletic Training and Coaching

And be sure to pick up the DVD set 


Joe Kenn (NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach) and Mike Robertson are 2 of my colleagues and very well respected coaches in the world!

A few months ago, they put on an exclusive seminar called the Elite Athletic Development Seminar. Over the course of 2 days (15 hours) they pulled back the curtain to show exactly how they write programs and coach their athletes.

 The seminar already happened so you can’t sign up for it now, but I wanted to let you know that they recorded that seminar and are making it available

 Elite Athletic Development

I just started diving into the program but here’s a small sampling in what’s in the course:

-  Critical approach to make sure all of your programming bases are covered
-  How to develop programs that address multiple physical qualities (i.e. speed, power, strength, conditioning, etc)
-  Where most programs fail miserably – and what you can do to avoid it
-  A “behind-the-scenes” look at real programs, designed by real coaches, No theory and conjecture here, just the good bad and the ugly behind real world programs
-  A step-by-step process on how to build complex programs. Chasing one physical capacity is easy, but how do you address multiple factors without killing your athletes?
-  How to organize daily and weekly training sessions for maximum success
- The evolution of Joe Kenn’s Tier System, and how he’s using it today to build elite athletes
-  6 factors for coaching success

If you’re serious about becoming the best coach possible, the Elite Athletic Development seminar is a must-have resource in your collection

 Elite Athletic Development



I forgot to mention this in yesterday’s post but when you order Functional Strength Coach 5 by midnight tonight, April 25, you’ll get exclusive access to a Live, Online Q&A session Mike Boyle will be holding for other purchasers.
Mike has been an invaluable resource for myself throughout my career and know how much experience and wisdom he has to share. This is an awesome opportunity as no subject is off limits.
Mike will answer any question you have, whether you want to talk about training clients & athletes or running your business, take advantage of this opportunity to ask whatever’s on your mind. Plus you’ll get to listen in to the questions your colleagues (and competitors) are asking.