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My buddy, Eric Cressey, posted a video that I shared with him last week about understanding lateral movement mechanics and specifically a term, that I like to call “Shin Angles”.  This is a great tip for every athlete and will definitely enhance your movement efficiency.  Check out the video and be sure to read the comments below as there is some great dialogue.



My good friend and one of the best Strength & Conditioning Coaches in the industry, Eric
Cressey and I go way back.  We were at UCONN together for grad school and I like to think that I helped him get really into strength and conditioning when he came to volunteer in the varsity weight room.  He’s someone who’s been great to bounce things off of and learn from and he just put together an awesome video detailing why you’re not:

:: Getting Stronger

:: Getting Leaner

:: Adding Muscle

:: Becoming More Athletic

You can check it out here:

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Eric is one of the most respected coaches in the world and  works with over 70 professional athletes, including Major  League All-Stars.  He also is a regular contributor to Men’s Health, has been featured in ESPN and Yahoo Sports, has written/created
best-selling books and DVDs, and is one of the world’s  most sought-after experts on performance training.

With many of Eric’s clients having millions of dollars on the line  based on their performance and him only having a few months each year to maximize their results, he’s made a science of studying what holds people back from getting stronger, leaner and more athletic in a hurry…and he’s found one limiting factor  that is the difference between a training program’s failure and  success 99% of the time…and he share it on this video:

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If you want to get more out of your training, there may be no  more important video that you will ever watch than this one:

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Here’s a fantastic read from Josh Bryant regarding resisted sprint training and how to use it effectively to improve your athlete’s ability to accelerate.

Bridge The Gap: Sprint-Resisted Training