facility design

I didn’t necessarily start out wanting to own my own performance training business. I actually wanted to be a high school strength and conditioning coach, but seeing as that is unheard of in southeastern Connecticut I had to turn to the private sector. Although I am first and foremost a coach, I’ve always had a love for facility design and creating floor plans. I remember back when I was a student at UCONN in the early 90ʼs sitting in my biomechanics class drawing up my version of what I thought should be the new strength and conditioning facility for the Huskies. You see, back in 1991 there really were no facilities at the campus with the exception of the old football-only weight room and the new super-secret basketball facility hidden somewhere deep inside the new Gampel Pavilion. The rest of the athletes and commoners had to use “the cage” – a dark, dungy, stinky student weight room which maybe had one rack, some free weights and a bunch of Nautilus machines. After graduating and getting a job coaching and tutoring at my high school, I was back at it, drawing up plans for a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning facility for the school along with a field house, pool, etc, etc. I still have some of those drawings and am pretty proud of them even though half the strength facility was a circuit of selectorized Paramount machines including an abduction/adduction machine; I think I had a smith machine in there as well! Please forgive me, I was young!

So You Want to Open a Sports Performance Training Facility?