I would like to congratulate a friend, mentor and my business partner, Shawn Windle, on his selection as this years NBA Strength and Conditioning Coach of the year!  This is a huge honor as he was recognized by his peers and colleagues.



Shawn is one of the best in the business and has recently put together our latest product, Exercises for the Landmine DVD.  The landmine is one of Shawn’s go to pieces of equipment when putting together a program and he shows some fantastic movements and progressions for all sports. Pick up  a copy and see what the NBA Strength and Conditioning Coach of the year does with his athletes:



Core training is a big part of our training programs and it is often referred to “ab work.”  Through the teachings of Stuart McGill, Craig Liebenson, and Shirley Sahrmann, we realize that our core is used to transfer force and prevent movement versus producing movement. Many athletes have no idea how to properly use and engage their core for optimal performance and health.

Enter Mike Reinhold and Eric Cressey.  They have put out a new online series that is going to address stability training for the entire body.  Their first installment is on the core and the videos are outstanding.  The videos are a series of lectures that explain what true stability training for the core is, how to train around any existing back injuries (which are very common), how to control extension in our athletes (many athletes live in extension and have no idea how to control their pelvis), and actual exercises on how to train the core properly.

This is truly outstanding and I’m excited to see what Mike have Eric planned in the future with their online database on stability training.

Check it out here: Functional Stability Training for the Core


Mike Boyle is planning on releasing Functional Strength Coach Vol. 4 and if you have seen or heard anything from Mike before, you know it’s going to be well thought out, well planned and include things that you can implement right away.

Mike is probably the most influential strength and conditioning professional in the world and I know he’s had a big impact on my professional career.  I was fortunate enough to intern for him 11 years ago and fortunate enough to consider him a friend now.

Check out Mike’s thought process in the video below…he really tries to break things down and thinks about all possible issues that may happen and teaches you how to coach and cue movement better.

Check out Functional Strength Vol. 4