I don’t know if many of you have heard of Mike Ranfone, but he is a hidden gem and is starting to make a name for himself…and fortunately for me, he’s facility is 5 min away from QU and my home! I’ve seen Mike at his facility and he and his staff do a great job with their athletes. I was recently checking out his blog and found an awesome post on how versatile the trap bar is. I’m not a big fan of having tools that you can only do one thing with because it’s hard to justify spending the $$ on a limited tool – and Mike has done a great job showing how many more exercises can be performed with this great bar that we typically just do deadlifts.

Check out his blog here and scroll down to the TRAP BAR GOODNESS entry.

If you are in the area, Mike has some great workshops that are coming up too…he’s got Chad Waterbury coming in Sept, Charlie Weingroff in October and Dr. Stuart McGill next April…be sure to bookmark Mike’s site and check it out frequently and if you haven’t read his stuff on T-Nation, you HAVE to check it out!!!


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